Our Vision & Mission

At Aarambham… We aim to create an environment, safe and secure. Here children learn through play, fun. While we encourage independence and confidence, we also recognise the need and style of each individual child. EACH DAY IS A NEW DAY AND A DAY TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW. We welcome you to a play school where every teacher strives to unfurl the hidden layers of talent and sunshine in our little children. This will be the first school for most of the children and we are committed to make this experience a fond memory for life. What we shape today will be the future of tomorrow.

Amita Rahul Vecha
Managing Director


We are glad that you have come across our web page.. Hope I can make this interesting for you to read, understand and enjoy
Let me introduce myself. This is Amita and my team and I have been giving our little children their first school experience since 2010.
To begin about our school, I must say this “ These little ones may forget what you have said, but they will never forget how you made them feel” and with this belief we have a curated team of wonderful women, with tremendous amount of patience and love to give.
My most important and senior most team member is my super power Ms. Krishna Vaishnav, the Principal of the school, she is the life behind the school, with the greatest child handling and teaching skills . Her experience and dedication towards the school has been the reason for our establishment to be such a super success. We never be able to stop appreciating her talent and dedication.
Up next is our very young and talented Ms. Rhea R Vecha. She is a chef by profession, and she makes the most wonderful snacks for the little ones (who even eat all vegetables, including brinjals) in the most amazing ways possible. She also later realized that she has a natural flair with children and hence became an indispensable and important part of the team.
Others in the team are Ms. Bhubaneshwari, she knew us first as a parent of Adi Shrutam Mohanty, and since the past 5 years after her son graduated, she has joined us as one of the most trustworthy team members, and with her are other 5 in the team. we have Ms. Rupsha , a highly qualified and dedicated team member and a joy to the ukg students.
We also have our school-house-keeping team led by Pavithra. She is a mother of two and has very nicely learnt the ropes of keeping the school neat, tidy and the washrooms fresh always. To assist her we have Jyothi, also a mother of two, who are both with us for at least 8 years. You can completely rely on them taking care of the children and assist them with washroom tasks and many other things. Two other aunties also assisting the house-school keeping team.
Our faithful driver Prabhu is a safety conscious and reliable person. He is calm and composed. Always in time for work and soft spoken.